About Us

Drury Horse Park is a privately owned equine facility located on highway 93, just north of Barrie. First established in 1819 as Kennelworth Farms, the Drury Family has maintained ownership of the farm for the past two centuries. Today, the farm is home to our wonderful herd of horses and features large pastures, coverall arena, sand ring, and private trail system on 150 acres. 


DHP is designed with our horses needs in mind by providing them as natural a living environment as possible to maintain optimum health. All our horses live outdoors 24/7 with access to shelters and are fed using our own brand of continuous slow feeding hay systems, aptly named, Drury Healthy Horse Feeders.

We are passionate about promoting a natural lifestyle for our horses using best practices that benefit both horses and humans. We are also strong advocates of good horsemanship practices and are dedicated to bringing top professionals to DHP to share their knowledge and expertise with our horse community. 

Our TEam

Laura Baker M.A., Certified EAL Facilitator

M.A., Certified EAL Facilitator


Head of Sales


Product Manager

Bob Drury

The Boss!

Bob loves to help people learn horsemanship skills and especially trailer loading.

He owns and operates Drury Well Drilling full time with his youngest son and in his spare time creates slow feeders for horses that we call, Drury Healthy Horse Feeders. Bob is a jack-of-all-trades kinda guy and keeps the farm running in tip top shape.

Laura Baker M.A., Cert EAL Facilitor

I've always had a love and fascination for horses! From a very young age I was 'horse crazy' and lucky enough to have had positive experiences growing up with friends who shared more 'natural horsemanship' methods. As a young adult I owned horses but it wasn't until I met Bob and moved to the family farm that my passion for horses became a full-time pursuit.


So many of my life lessons have come from being with horses and learning horsemanship. Becoming a "horse person" is like joining an equine religion with its own code of conduct and ethics for relationships with our horses, others and more importantly ourselves.  Although many of us may arrive at horses at different times in our lives and for different reasons, the outcome is usually the same - learning horsemanship makes us better humans.

My education and work experience are in the fields of psychology and neuropsychology; assisting others  with concussion, mild-moderate brain injuries and PTSD. I have come to understand that there may be no greater repair for the human psyche ( and soul) than learning how to have positive relationships with horses. They offer us meaningful inspiration and guidance and help transform ourselves in the only real way we can - through our actions; actions that reflect the character, principles, and values at our core. 

Our Equine Team

From Left to Right:

Cherokee - Appaloosa (born at Drury Horse Park in 2009)

Jackson - Quarter Horse (purchased in 2013; born in 2001; previous owner/trainer was our good friend Tim Fortune)

Token - Paint (purchased as a 4 yr old; born in 2001)

Fancy - Paint (purchased as a 4 yr old; born in 2001; half sister to Token)

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