Drury Healthy Horse Feeders

Our Story:

Like many horse owners we used large round bales to feed our herd. These were great as it was not necessary to go out and feed every day. However, problems quickly arose. Our herd of lean, fit horses became fat, lazy and lethargic, never moving too far away from the bales. The laziness was affecting their health and so was the inevitable excrement that built up on and around the bale locations. The convenience of not feeding every day turned our healthy herd into obese, unwell, and unhappy horses. We were also perplexed about the resulting problems with too much wasted hay, dust-related coughs, abscesses in their feet, colic, etc...Thus our mission began to find a better way to feed our horses.

We had tried big round bales, small and large square bales, utilized hay nets, feeding small amounts on the ground, feeding numerous times throughout the day, but all of these methods had their own drawbacks and we knew deep down inside there had to be a better way. We experimented with dozens of prototypes for years before inventing what we believe to be the perfect hay feeders – The Stall MasterThe 6 Day Feeder, and our Large Bale Feeder.

When our journey began in 2009, we had little notion our Drury Healthy Horse Feeders would develop into an opportunity that, we believe, can benefit the entire equine industry. We have personally witnessed the incredible results produced in our own herd by using the slow feeding method via Healthy Horse Feeders and now we want to share this unique opportunity with you. The Drury Healthy Horse Feeders are the end result of our hard work and are what we believe to be the best continuous slow hay feeders on the market!

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