Fawn Anderson Clinic: Classical Natural Vaquero

2019 Clinic Dates & Cost: 

September 13-16: 4 Day Classical Natural Vaquero Clinic


Cost: Participant 5 Star Horse Holiday $250/day

Includes up to 6 hours of group and individual instruction with Fawn Anderson, trailer site with hydro, horse boarding in stall or paddock (hay not included), lunch on all 4 days, social event evenings and access to DHP obstacles, sand ring, arena & groomed trails! 

Initial deposit of $250 is required to secure your spot; additional $250, 30 days prior to clinic; remaining $500 due day before the clinic.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Auditor/Spectator $30/day early bird or $40/day at the door

Seating: Bring your own chairs, blankets, shade, sunscreen, refreshments and note taking supplies. An area will be set aside for auditors (spectators). This is a rain or shine event. If weather is bad the clinic will be held inside the riding arena.


NOTE*** Each participant rider or auditor who pays in full for the whole clinic 60 days prior gets one free auditors pass to give away or sell.

Online Booking Form:

If you would like to book your participation spot as a rider or auditor please fill out our online booking form:

Online Booking Form: https://goo.gl/forms/duw0xpsiI1UqSIkl1

Remember, your booking is only secure once your deposit has been accepted.

Maximum number of Participants: 10

For more information about this clinic or the facility please Contact Us


What is Foundation Horsemanship?

Foundation Horsemanship is geared towards Natural Horsemanship students interested in learning more about the Vaquero style of horse development which is based on operating a horse off of a very light ‘feel’.


Fawn's clinics are based around the philosophies of Ray Hunt as taught by Buck Brannaman, who Fawn has spent considerable time riding with since 2002. Although strongly influenced by her time with Buck, Fawn brings her own flavour to her clinics, as well as a much smaller class size which allows for plenty of hands on coaching and feedback.


Fawn's clinics are a great supplement to any Horsemanship Levels program you may be following and will fill in many of the gaps. Are you having issues with your horse on the ground or under saddle? Do you need to develop better leadership skills so that you can be clear instead of hard or ineffective? Does your horse take over, take off or tune out?


Or perhaps your horse is great, but you’d like to learn to become more refined with more precision and timing in your riding to be able to connect your reins to their feet, teach them to have self carriage, get prompter stops, help them back up in a better balance, develop healthier movement or simply have fun learning new exercises to keep things fun and interesting.


The exercises you will learn during this clinic are designed to build strategically upon one another, so as to show you how to break things down if you run into an area of difficulty. As an Instructor, Fawn is incredibly detailed in her explanations and will not only help you understand why each exercise is beneficial, but also how to know if you are doing it correctly and when to introduce the exercise in your training sequence. You will also learn why not to do things in a particular way and when you may need to use a different approach. 


Fawn believes that without this knowledge, it is impossible for a person to develop judgement, independence and intuition with their horse. These are essential to growing past the mechanical aspect of horsemanship where we all begin (wax on, wax off), to the deeper more artful place of being in the moment and feeling what your horse needs.


Unlike other clinics where you are lumped into huge groups and lost in the crowd, or where the instructor leaves you to struggle without assistance, these clinics are designed to give you hands on, one on one, attention. However, they are not designed for horses who have not already been started under saddle and are not for the green horse or rider. For this clinic, it is expected that you and your horse can w,t,c independently and in control. If you are a green rider looking for professional instruction or have a green horse you would like Fawn to help start, then please consider booking private lessons with Fawn Anderson while she is here. 

Fawn Anderson Website: http://www.naturalhorse-man-ship.com/

Fawn Anderson FB: https://www.facebook.com/fawn.classicalnaturalvaquero