Horsemanship Lessons

Our Mission at the DHP is to help our community access affordable, positive and professional learning opportunities and to promote horsemanship practices that improve the lives of horses and the humans who love them.

Our Goal is to bring top equine professionals from near and far to the DHP to share their knowledge and expertise, so you don't have to travel to them! 

In addition to our Clinics we offer an assortment of Events designed to help you achieve the kind of relationship that your horse needs from you and that you've always dreamed of having! See Our Clinic & Events.

Our Reward is seeing owners achieve their goals with a safe, willing, and educated equine partner. To help you get started or reach a next level, we also offer private and semi private lessons here at DHP or if convenient, at your location. Our sessions focus on the many skills you and your horse need to work together as a team to improve your partnership and enjoyment; whether its ground work, liberty training or riding.


Private, Semi Private and Group Sessions are available upon request. Contact Laura to book a session and for more information about cost and availability (cell: 705-816-0662 /

Trailer Loading: One of Bob Drury's favorite activities is teaching horses and their owners how to trailer load and share all the methods he uses so you and your horse can experience safe, easy trailer loading every time no matter where you are or what is going on around you. If you and/or your horse are having troubles and would like to learn Bob's methods for trailer loading, Contact Us. Very reasonable rates and Bob's personal guarantee that you will be able to successfully load and trailer your horse.